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Utilities & Transportation

These shapes are great for Auto Dealers, Repair Shops, Parts Stores, Delivery Services, Construction, Repair Services, Etc. Click any picture to see an expanded view, pricing and specs . Most products are customizable.

Our Battery, Car, Van, Delivery Truck and Motorcycle are available in most materials. Click any thumbnail for an expanded view.
trans01 battery car motorcycle truck van
Our Bulldozer, Bus, Tractor Trailer, Dump Truck and Cement Mixer Truck are available in most materials. As always, stock graphics are included free with all Americanna products. trans2 bulldozer cement tractortrail bus dumptruck

These shapes are great for public utilities. The light bulb shape comes in standard and CFL Fluorescent.

For gas companies we offer the Propane Tank. Our Flame/Water Drop doubles for use with Water Companies and Gas Companies.

Telephones and trash receptacles, also

trans3 cflbulb lightbulb flamewater recyclearrow telephone trashcan propane trashbin

How about a star, Fire Helmet and/or Fire Hydrant? trans4 firehelm firehydr star

Try our Shammy Auto Care Line...

We offer The Amazing Shammy Towel in 3 sizes. The economical FF2, the full size FF3 & the super size FF4.

The 2.625" Car Coaster is for your automobile cup holder and Key tags made from recycled tires are always a hit!

trans5 ff2 ff3 ff4 carcoaster bartt circtt rectt

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